Great Wine: Sharing Precious Moments Together

No one knows how to enjoy wine better than you! You know how to use wine to celebrate, to share, to remember those precious moments in your life. Our main purpose is to make friends by enjoying great wines together.

What is Important is What YOUR Palate Tastes

Even though we are convinced our wine will earn very high points, the points awarded by “Gurus” of the wine world will not be our main guiding light. What is important is what your palate tastes. Wine changes from varietal to varietal, from season to season, from vineyard to vineyard. With so much variety only you can be the best judge of wine, especially when surrounded by special friends. The current points system does not even award points for your friends or your surroundings! 

Wines from the Old World

We have travelled to some of the best wine regions of the world to taste their wines. We searched for the “terroirs” where high quality grapes are produced. The first wine region we chose is in the Old World of Bordeaux, France.  In this region, wine-making practices were developed centuries ago and they have had much more influence that any other region in the World.  The vintages from this region are receiving astronomical prices. These practices continue to be perfected today, both in the left bank of the river Garonne as well as in the right bank of this famous river.

What we want is to bring wines from Bordeaux that reflect the quality this region is known for, without the costs. For us, the all-encompassing concept of “terroir” is key for ensuring the quality we seek.

This we have to share with you: when we are enjoying our wines, our two-year old granddaughter, Sienna, always tells us in her strong English accent: “you are drinking “terroir”, Diddydada” (that’s how she calls her grandpa). Since she learned the word,“terroir”,  apparently she knows what she is talking about!

Our Wine: Your Social Networking Tool

Since our wine  will become your social networking tool, we will invite you to share our wines after their release. You will be the “Parkers”, the “Wine Advocates” and the “Wine Enthusiasts”. Create your own point system. Your opinions will be sacred to us.

Our wine labels list the current blend of the great grapes we used to produce our wines from Bordeaux.  Our purpose is to offer a special wine to share with your friends and loved ones.

You are invited to participate in creating a new movement towards the liberalization of wine taste, breaking the chains that threaten to convert quality wine into a mass marketing commodity. Great wines clearly deserve better!

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Join us on our Journey, an Adventure that started in Bordeaux, France and will continue unto Napa, California.